Top 5 (unusual) things to try at Spring Fling!

at the 2017 Spring Fling…

Sausage making


There’s nothing better than a British banger.  A staple of our diet for hundreds of years, there’s no better time to roll up those sleeves and have a go at making your very own sausage!

With our help you’ll learn how a sausage is made, how to make a healthy and tasty sausage and the all important trick to linking sausages.

Ice-cream making


People have been making ice cream for hundreds of years so there’s no reason you can’t learn how to make some of your own with our help.

So come along to this year’s Spring Fling and with our helpful chefs you can find out how ice-cream is made, how easy it is to make, what ingredients you need and of course how yummy ‘home-made’ ice cream tastes!

Fly a drone!


Ever wondered how a drone flies?  Want to get behind the controls of a drone?

Well this year at the Norfolk Spring Fling, you’ll be able to find out how drones are revolutionizing the farming world, whether it’s analyzing crops, spraying crops or monitoring crops with the Easton and Otley College drone simulator.

Make your own potato crisps!


Have a go at making your very own limited flavour potato chips with the help of our friends at Kettle Chips!

It’s a chance to get creative – mix your own seasoning and enjoy your own hand-made potato chips.  Also learn about potato planting and how real potato chips are made.

Dancing sheep!


Yes…you heard right! Dancing sheep!   

The Sheep Show is a humorous educational live stage show about sheep and wool and has captured the hearts of many.

The New Zealand style team of presenters educate and entertain with their fantastic sheep all over the country. ‘Nobby’ the Norfolk Horn stands centre stage while others are introduced to their podiums. You’ll learn about each breeds attributes and how wool from the sheep’s back becomes a jumper to wear.