Top 5 things you must do!

Look out for these at the 2018 Spring Fling…

Cuddle a (goat) kid!

Image courtesy of Norwich and District Goat Club

We’re not kidding! Make sure you come and see the Norwich and District Goat Club at this year’ Spring Fling.

As well as being about to hold/cuddle a kid you can also have a ride in a goat cart and learn how important Goats are to the planet.  There’s also the opportunity to feed the kids (goat’s that is!) during the day, along with a host of other activities and demonstrations from milking to grooming!

Meet piglet!


Whether it’s Peppa or Piglet we all love pigs – so get up close and learn about these marvellous creatures with our friends from Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre.

Tractor rides all day!


Do not forget our famous tractor rides around the Showground!

Tractor rides go all day so make sure you don’t leave before you’ve hopped on one.

Come and meet Murphy the meerkat!


Thanks to Zoo 4 You not only will you be able to meet Murphy the meerkat but you’ll also have the opportunity to meet a host of other exotic and fascinating animals from geckos to tarantulas to snakes and yes you’ve guessed it rats!



GroWild will be at this year’s Spring Fling!  Their lively and expert outdoor team will teach you all about the wild and let you have a go at some basic survival skills. So get your wellies on, get mucky outdoors and come and have a go!