Science activities

These were on offer at the Spring Fling 2017.  2018 programme will be published shortly.

Farming, agriculture and science go hand in hand so this year we’ve got stacks of interactive science activities at this year’s Spring Fling.  From learning how to generate your own electricity to learning how to build your own rainbow now’s the time to see how many young Einsteins we have out there!

Build your own turbine!


Ok so we’re not actually talking about a full scale one, but with the help from the Great Britain Centre you can learn to build your own turbine to generate electricity and learn how much electricity you can generate.

Create a balloon kebab!


With the help of the Institute of Physics you can find out how putting skewer through a balloon doesn’t make it go pop!  You can also learn about gripping rice, amazing marshmallows, potato straws and much more!

Cheesy science


Mr’s Temple Cheese from Wighton in Norfolk will be on hand to not only highlight the health benefits of consuming cheese, but also to show you the the chemical and physical changes that occur as milk is made into cheese.  Mouth-watering stuff!

Chemistry magic!



And if that doesn’t all blow your mind come and visit the Royal Society of Chemistry stand and learn how to build your own rainbow and design your own slimy spheres!